Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lawyer pro bono needed

We are looking for a legal document , ( a petition with the legal wording ) that volunteers should be able to go around to homes and have people physicly sign it.
anybody who knows of such a document should please send it in as a pdf and i will post on this site for anyone to be able to download it and go collect signatures ,

Snowball effect !!!!!

the campaign for impeachment of mike michael bloomberg is going strong , with no leader , no center of operations ,and no funding .

we the people will spend ZERO to stop you.

What you could do to help
We dont need your money, in fact there no WE, this whole campaign is just you and me and every other person who cares . every person is a campaign HQ . so please . post videos on you tube ,  put links to the  "petition site to impeach mike bloomberg " in your description , place random comments on any site " impeach mike bloomberg  the petition site , if you know how to write send in your posts and links , i will happily put it up.

And last of all, everyone knows himself what to do, so just do it , your effort could save a city,

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


gross negiligents in removing snow in nyc causing countless deaths due to ems delayed response (while giving $40 million of our tax dollars to new york aquiraim for a minor facelift )
"Let them eat cake"Marie Antoinette
  ''go see a show''mike bloomberg, during blizzard